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Neck pain, nauseaus, time of month?

As some are aware of me moaning well been in such agony with neck which tbh should of got checked out friday for the state i been in!

Only bit different this time so

Has anyones neck gone on them where they felt weakness and nauseaus and headache as i not sure really its a combination of time of month as i have felt really rough too with burning and stinging and as if been stuck in stuffy room and no air you can breath properly (sniff up)

My lyrica helped pick me up, but as for neck pain could not turn or barely move it at all friday to be helped off bed..

Is this all part n parcel or is it something else?

I was actually sick this morning! Acid as if tablet tasting,

Had the runs yesterday as not been since Thursday with neck gone but luckily was easy enough :-)

Feel brighter in neck dept today but rough burning headachy alsorts today.

Not sure shpuld see GP just to check as wanted to see me friday but i just could not get there at all xxxxxxxxxxx

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Ps its as if had flu with aches and pains too .


I would talk to your GP does not sound good! May be a bit of flu + fibro . Poor you do try and drink lots of fluid and rest x gins


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