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every thing going hay wire

hi i am new to this blogging thing but have been on here for a while and find it comfort to know i am not alone, since having my son i have been ill and feel i am not in control now as i was before and even on antid i still feel blurgh, last 4 days my husband has had to car for me and my kids as i have not even been able to get out of bed pain so bad in my neck back and legs every movement is a blade running through me and it makes the nausea worse. my stomach has a life of its own and jumps all time like heart beat my daughter says. i just feel i a going ,mad they say it is not debilitating but the last 8 years and more so in the last 2 years i feel like death warmed up and have lost total control of keeping on top of it and cant seem to find a way to balance it out again sorry moan over i just needed to talk to some people that understand. My husband is fantastic and has read up on it and has been there not complaining for most of the 8 years so that helps but i do sometimes feel he looks at me and thinks your putting it on. Any way this is a great site filled with love laughter and some tears but i am so glad i found this site

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Hello and welcome Jodie, great to see you here! You will find lots of information here together with advice, support and friendship too. We are all in the same boat in our lovely forum so we all understand. We are here for you as we are for each other. :)

If there is anything you aren't sure of please just ask, we're happy to help any time! :)

You are very lucky having a lovely husband Jodie, it certainly sounds like he understands your Fibromyalgia. Fibro is difficult to cope with at times, but having a hubby who will care for you and your children is a great support for you. :)


Hi there Jodie lovely to meet you! If a good moan is what you need to do then you have found the right place for it,everyone is so helpful and welcoming on here, has really helped me through some difficult times which takes the pressure off a bit, the information is top rate and i now know i am not the only one who feels the way we all so often do! Wonderful to hear you have such a caring and understanding hubby, Take care and look forward to meeting with you on here sometime soon Love and Hugs Della xxx


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