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fibro fog / pred head? a bit of humour on me

I've just logged in to read todays blogs. My eyes are a bit off today, so I increased the text size to 150%.

I was surprised to see someone had reposted one of my blogs , then another! by the time I got to the next two I was worried - who'd do that and why? [You are all probably ahead of me now] only then did it dawn on me that I'd clicked on my blogs! Hey ho...


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ah bless that made me smile hunni thats something i wud do the fog not good tho eh xxxx


You must have had a chuckle :) sounds like me hehe x gins


Sort of thing that I do, but I think that's more my age then anything LOL. Do you know that is you press Ctrl and + at the same time the page gets larger and easier to read? That applies to just about any page on your machine. Although therfe are a few where it doesn't work.

Conversely, Ctrl and - will reduce the size again.

I use a 10" norebook a lot of the time as I can sit in my armchair and use it. Much of the time I have to do the above as the pages are too small for me to read properly.