Apparently if any of the British teams win a gold medal the POST Office paint the post box nearest to their home gold so that is a nice touchlets hope thre are lots ogf golden post boxes all over Britain then hopefully there will be one 10 mins from my house if the boxer from my town goes through and gets a gold which he is well on his way to doing love to you all diddle xxxx

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  • It is a brilliant thing to do isn't i such a wonderful way of congratulating them for their endeavors. Hope you find one near you I wont live in the sticks Have a good day x gins

  • There is one 5 mins away from me in the nxt village I saw it yesterday and it is for Bradley Wiggins well done to him and all of team GB I am loving the Olympic s

    Gentle hugs

    Hilly xx

  • i live in mansfield were rebbeca adlington lives , i avnt heard of a gold post box x

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