just purchased a light box

from a well known pharmacy online... i will try anything to get me through another winter....it had better work or at the very least make a small difference... its 10,000 LUX and is 'clinically proven' i reserve judgment on that :-/

i get worse throught the winter, especially in my mood and the blooming fatigue!!!!..well....i just want to hibernate..so...its worth a try. quite pricey, so if it doesnt work it will either be launched out of the window or sold...depending on my mood :-D

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  • I feel just the same in winter so it would be nice to hear if it works. Good luck. X

  • Me to . My consultant suggested I use one .. Await your comments ..I hope it works for you or shall I duck now. ...

  • hahaa- not till i shout "DUCK" :-)

  • I have just bought one ( on e-bay for £42) as I am just like you in the winter wishing I was a hedgehog lol not sure if it is helping yet but I am only sitting in front of it for a bout 20-30 mins a day while i'm getting dressed in the morning but I will know more when the dark nights set in and it will be one for few hours aday

    good luck

  • reminds me, I've got one, must find it.

    my friend's Mum swears by hers.



  • Hi Loopyloo I just remembered I have one I had it quite a few years and I use it in the winter will deffo; need it this year after all the sunshine we have had ( not ) lol.... It did help me with my SAD and my CFS I also wear a piece of Copal ( Young Amber ) and that helps especially the golden peices. I did find tho this winter just gone as I had an acute flare in my Fibro, the light was at times too bright !!and I was advised to put it in the room but behind me. I use it first thing when I wake up. Hope it helps you :-)

    Gentle hugs

    Rainbowdancer x x

  • im hopeful, cant possibly feel any worse :-) the light i bought has a dimmer and is a gentle glow with 10,000 lux. this summer has been a disaster, so im actually dreading the long winter. hope your winter is better XX

  • Seems interesting . don't know anything about Copal can you enlighten me .Thanks

  • I can't wait to hear how you get on. I have to say I feel so much better in the sunshine and warmth.

    Piggie hugs xxxxx

  • i will start using it as soon as it arrives..will keep you informed...if im swinging from the lampshades with joy then you can rest assured i feel better...the sun is a rareity here, maybe we should all move to Barbados ...dream on eh? :-)

  • I bought one at a car boot sale a few years ago. My best buy ever! I would definitely buy another at full price as it helped me a lot. The reactions of other people are interesting, those who understand the longing for the light like it but those who have no idea what some of us are on about, hate it. This suggests to me that it will only work for those who really need it. Sometimes it can be hard for me to get full access to it as ginger cat claims his favourite spot in the rays! x

  • ha....ginger cats needs the light too then :-) looking forward to using it, i really suffer in the winter, just want to curl up on the sofa with endless coffee and biscuits ....i also spend more money on crap, eat more crap, watch crap on the telly and basically feel crap lol.....just feel even less motivated than normal,,,,when i was in spain this year i felt great, no aches at all, i swam in the sea every day, did a bit of walking and generally felt really positive...answer to all my woes....go live in a sunny climate...I WISH XX

  • For me it is about the quality of the daylight so have used it on quite a few grey days this Summer(?!) Hate those dark grey skies. You do know not to use it too late in the day don't you? it can really mess up sleep if you do. Hope Winter is better for you this year Keep in touch as I would be interested to hear of the experiences of others.x

  • i've never heard of this very intreged to know what the results are like and if it works!! i hate winter (except fireworks and christmas!) but for the lack of sunlight and the god damn coldness!! keep us updated and may have to put this on a christmas wish list this year! cheers charlotte x

  • Hi, I was bounced by a friend into buying a light pod some time back - it cost me quite a lot of money, but if it was going to make getting through the winter gloom any easier then maybe it would be worth it. Well - after the first five minutes of having it on I was thrown into the mother of al migraines and at every attempt since have reacted in the same way, so I am now the not so proud owner of a light pod. I gave it a friend to try but she didn't get on with it either. The friend who got me going on it though has found that it has made her life much more bearable during the horrid dark winter months, so it can't be all bad. Hope it works for you, but I shall be attempting a total hibernation this winter methinks as last year was so ghastly. I must have been a dormouse in a previous life or something - winter just makesme want to curl up in my snuggly memory foam bed and not come out until late February when the days begin to get noticeably longer.

    dottii x

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