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My daughter is leaving off work an hour early tonight at 4 pm as her and a load of mates are travellingup to santa pod to camp up there for the weekend , she went for the day last year and loved it so thought she would go for wholw weekend this year she works hard and has nt got a holiday booked this yearaway antwhere as she bought her new car so you cant have everything so sh is having couple weekends away and going to see dirty dancing the musical. michael macintyre in london and also olly murrs so i dont blame her oh to be young

and best of all her brand new double bed and mattress is being delivered on sat morning and my dad is coming round to put it together for me so when she gets home on sunday she will have a lovely new bed to sleep in

But i dont mind being home alone (oh and the dog) i will see my partner for a bit and walk the dog with him ) but that is it really i am happy in my own company

love to you all diddle xxxx

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Aah diddle you have our company too.hope she has a wicked time.u never no weather might be great.i dont like my own company much.x


I'm the same as you Sammi... I dont like to be alone ...


Hiii good mOrning Diddle,

Yes only to be that young and adventorous!! Well done her,

Atleast she is an adventorous hard wrking young lady.

You be fine with your doggy and partner.

Of course you have us lot too ! Am home alone today in bed except daughter in and out with friend in and out and my big dogs which down stairs lol

I feel dare not mooove. Xxxxxx soft fluffy hugs


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