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Awake & suffering :-(

Been awake for couple hours now, woken needing a stretch bit stiff to pull my neck and alll down my right side ouch and few swear words. Had early finish yesterday at wrk, so was free Breeze event Roundhay pk! Took niece nephew, daughters & my friend with her 2 . Was lovely weather and also i lucky as a customer lives opposite in nice big house electric gates, so no trying to find a space to park or long walk.

Had to Q getting on bouncy castles for our little 5 yr olds that was agonising to me looking nerd sitting on the picnic blanket lol. Had a nice time then sat had picnic and the weather turned i get so cold quickly whilst friend and kids ok bearable,

My feet were really hurting balls and heels to slurping feet back to car slowly to find my feet gone all white & numb and toes wnt purple could stuck knife in balls feet and not feel it then the throbbing . My hands were so cold too and they take a while to liven up . Got kids back to sisters all wet & cold hands really throbbing and just uncomfy my base back agony and neck then every time stood up i was way off balance . Got home 7.30pm shatterd!!

But enjoyed the day as rare i get play time with kids. Arm and hand hurting doing this too :-(

Ohhh well wkend tomoro not before finishing wrk tho xxxxxxxxxxx

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hi and snap been awake for 3 hours and up for 2 i am in agony too it stems from decorating daughters bedroom 3 weeks ago i know it was silly but jus wanted to do something like i used to do and i thought i would be ok but paying for it big time now

oh well never mind i like you we have to do things even though we know we will pay for them in the end

love to you and i do hope the pain eases a bit love diddle xxx


Hope pain eases and fella have had a bad nite with pain too.

Glad you had good time though.xx


Awwww bless to both of you! I am tingly and its horrible, hubby has had to help get me up frim bed this morning as could not get up too painful, can feel in feet but dont believe anything serious just in agony right side and its in back leg and front and right arm dare not even move right :-(

Had to get a driver to take girls to wrk and walking makes me bit breathless too.


I hope you both have some relief too xx


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