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I just had a look at the poster on the Fibroduckfoundation webiste and there is a quick explanation of fibro on there followed by a more detailed on by a lady who is a fibro sufferer and it was so good I just thort it might help all you lovely people who have got appeals and claims and not very understanding GP's consultants and heaven forbid family and friends too.

Hope it helps

Ruby x

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hi i put fibroduckfoundation in google but could not find explanation by lady lol can you tell me where to go when you get to website love to you diddle xxx


Hi Diddle, when you put in you go to What is fibromyalgia and click on that and there is a short description followed by a more lengthy very detailed on written by a lady fibromite explaining what we probably all feel but is difficult to put into words. I read your blog about having jelly legs when you were in town today and I get that quite a bit. I am not sure what sort of things you eat and drink and how often but it does make a great deal of difference to me. Sometimes this gets overlooked in our pain filled lives. Hugs to you lov Ruby x


Could u please maybe put a link up for us thanks x


Hi Sammy, if I knew how to put a link up, I would! Have a look at KazF's blog cos he has put the link up. You then need to go to what is fibromyalgia, click on that and after short description there is a longer explanation by a lady fibrette. Hope that helps luv Ruby x


Hi everyone. I thought this was a good explanation too. I was going to post it yesterday, but time ran away..... I'm sure you all know how that feels - lol! I hope this link works OK. xx


Thanks Ruby and Kaz, very good site I have downloaded the explanation and some of the posters. Found the explanation excellent and there is another one in guest blogs titled "Kurplunk" also very good I have downloaded that as well. All coming along with me to the appeal. xxx


thank you i have an appeal soon not looking forward to it.

gentle hugs.xx



Hi Ruby,

thanks for the link, not come across this one, some really interesting stuff. now got them on FB so i can keep up with them

Take care

Jan xx


I have a little fibro duck on my crafting table :)


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