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Why cant I work

I have been looking at all the web sites and even phoned the DSS help line, I have a few disabilities but my mind id still active, I am only 48 and I have so many years to give and all I want is a job. I might as well become a brick layer as all I come up against is brick wall after brick wall. they either say go to work and lose all the aid you get or work for free and gain nothing, well when I say nothing i suppose some experience in making tea.

All i ask is the government take into consideration that not all of the people who get help from the system are workshy I can safely bet that 100% of the people here would love a job and do it better than some able bodied people. why cant these faceless government drones for once look at the real people instead of paper and numbers, come and visit us talk to us, then decide if we warrant the vile treatment that is being meted out to us.


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this is so degrading for you , i would love to work but i know i would not be able to hold a job down but i have been put in esa work related group and been refused dla it dont seem fare xxx


Hi, I am also in the work related esa group......although there does not seem to be a group that actually fits Fibromites!!! Nightmare.

I was turned down for DLA twice before actually getting the lower rate. Have you appealed?

I cannot work at all either.



no its tough on fibromyalgia sufferers I had a part time job in an office and when I was ill I was penalised, and you cant help when you get flare ups, and then I offered to take leave and was refused and told it was sick hence stage 2 level sickness and so the story goes which made me more stressed and as you know stress make fms and chronic fatigue worse.... and in the end I opted for Voluntary Redunancy when it was offered as was so ill by this time. They say local councils support disabled but really they dont! fact.....

I can get any other office work and to be honest it made me ill and the other jobs available are mainly care work jobs and I dont feel able to do this as it entails lifting etc and I cant do this, and am looking at support work but am not getting any offers. I cant do too many hours as ill, but wanted up to 15 hours a week hopefully. I have alot to offer and can sympathise and empathise with folk with disabilities so surely us fms sufferers deserve a chance of work somehow. The only other option is DLA or income support.... I get jsa for six months and then it stops shortly so wont get anything after that and there simply are no jobs I can do on a part time basis. Help!!!!! what are the goverment doing to this country to help the disabled!?


thanks for the answers guys, I do feel that the media have whipped up most of the anti disability feeling that is happening right now, we are people as well most of us have worked and want to work, I have friends who are in wheelchairs etc and are some of the brightest people I know, it makes me angry. we live in a country that now taxes and discriminates the poor and the helpless and rewards the rich and the over privileged, I would love Mr Cameron to go through the DLA interview and examination just to see what it is like, I have fibro, diabetes and am a day paitant at my local physic ward due to a massive break down. all I want is a fair crack of the whip I wish I could talk to Mr Cameron explain that we are not spongers or wasters like the media says but human beings with feelings and families just like him, its like they say always pick on the weakest first


I know exactly how you feel. My brain is the only part that works for me, the rest is quite effected by illness. I lost my local govt job after a year sick despite begging the doctors to support me keeping it on reduced hours. No employer will ever employ me again as I am not fit enough for them, so thats it. I still feel usefull by trying to help others within my own field of expertese and have decided not to bother looking for employment despite a financial need as "pensioned off" without cash is like a death warrant if you wish to work. I am looking in to options I can control myself without an employer. That which I am in charge of, on self employed basis, and hope to work towards financial stability that is relating to my own efforts which can be applied when I am well enough. Im starting small, with teeny goals, so I can achieve again.

Had you thought if there is anything you can do yourself either in paid or voluntary capacity, you obviously have a good brain on you. Maybe thats the answer?

Its scary but maybe "go it alone"

All the best and keep your spirits up somehow

NN :)


I have tried that though in Northern Ireland they love to put up brick walls I have tried the small business courses but of course you have to pay, I have tried the Dss might as well talk to a chimp all they do is say if you want to work or start your own business you will lose your benefits, it really is the magic roundabout lots of literature

saying how Northern Ireland is growing and we are here to help get you going, disabled good mind good ideas, well we'll pass the ideas to able bodied people and bye.

sorry to sound so down on the institutions here but that's the way initiation goes, I have no pension either and what is there to do, we could canvas our MPs to try and make us feel more human and allow us to contribute to society, then thats a rocky road.

Ah dam I dont know hope your Fibro eases soon and you can get your ideas off the ground my friend




I know its almost an impossible task, but i think for alot of us its the only way. I believe that if you start really small (this doesnt need funds) and decide to keep the right side of the law, we can make a little out of life again. If you read my first blog its a bit like yours but having started my venture before my last big fybro attack Im going to hold on to it and let it run. I dont get any disability benefits other than low level care DLA so I have nothing to lose. If I work I am elligible for working tax credit as should you be whether for myself or someone else.What I do would take years to make me any money, but I have discovered its my right to do it! Your mind is your best friend, a good asset and your worst enemy too.

When you have a good day sit and think about what you could do and then weadle out the ideas that cost too much to start ie need asset or property. Its not for everyone BUT if you can start small, keep records and know your rights, it is something you may be able to do to remove the control from others and place it in your own hands. You can be self employed and not make a penny until you have grown your ideas. Remember that you also have the right to a "hobby", I know thats working for nothing but then again at least the nothing is for ourselves :)

The first time I ever heard about fybro was way before my accident when I met a gent who came to me for some help. He was in pain most days and out of work. He still has pain but he now has a hobby that helps him through. It doesnt make much but he keeps his car on the road wiith the funds. It is his second year.

Dont give up, let some positives in your mind, keep a straight head and find whats right for you.

If you ever would like to chat about any ideas, or just run them past someone with a determined positive slant, as long as my hands are up and running I will be pleased to chat here.

Colourfull thoughts NN


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