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I was always having bad headaches ie migraines until i had botox it freezes the muscels not had a full blown headache since and you look great too

My daughters bought it as a birthday gift for me(on Groupon) as i always wanted to try it but would not pay lol

I have since been told thats its available on Nhs for sereve sufferers of migraine

Once my frown re appears i will pester my docs into submission fifty shades style if i have to lol .

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oooh what lovely daughters you have :-)

I've heard this before and i'm so glad it worked for you, proof there then,

Yes pester your doc, surely it's better than all the meds they throw at you and the side effected they can have.

good luck and take care

Jan xx


tsk.....effects...eyes and fingers will not co operate today lol xx


Hi,Thanks for you post and yes i am truly blessed my daughters paid for the botox my eldest son bought the band aids and tissues lol x seriously though it has worked wonders for my head in both ways x


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