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Please can you tell me if i may stand a chance of getting ill health retirement

In 2002, i was referred to mental health services and continue to attend as been diagnosed with depressive disorder, anxiety and panic attacks. In 2007, i was involved in a car crash which reduced my health so i went back to work doing 5 half days (15 hrs) In 2009, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a specialist rheumatologist and MRI scans showed curvation of the spine with bulging discs. I have also been diagnosed as suffering from cognitive memory loss. I was referred to OH in 2010 and still attend every term. Last year, I went back to work in a phased return following 6 months sick leave, following hydrotherapy, CBT and pain clinic injections but the duties and responsibilities of being a teacher have been extremely difficult for me to manage and this is reflected in an Access to Work assessment report and OH reports. From September I am expected to do a mobile role working in different classrooms within the same school, come September for 11 hours a week so reducing my hours further but this is having a negative effect on my mental health and general health as i do not feel mentally or physically capable of doing the job of being a teacher and OH Unit have advised the school that Health and Safety may be an issue. Before this i was in a jobshare working 13.5 hours but my partner retired so the headteacher made a decision that i would need to do a different role in school. I think that this was because of concerns that i was no longer up to the job of being a class teacher as due my general health and constant fatigue, cognitive memory loss, reduced mobility and migraines. Please can you advise. I also take a large amount of medication to help to manage my condition. I have been awarded lower rate care and higher rate mobility for an infinite period to help you understand the extent of my ill health.

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I have the same rate of DLA as you do,and I applied for ESA. I have been put into the support group which means I am unfit for work. But I think I am one of the lucky ones. Its a lottery as to which group you are put in. Its a long, stressful process but all they can do is say no, and then you appeal. Not very positive sorry. Good luck


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