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bad day!!

morning my fellow fibroers x today i am just going to read as i am suffering today , woke up at 3-18am precisley(went to bed at gone 12)laid a wake wonering what today would bring , finally drags my behind out of bed at 9-20am had a nice hot shower and i aint blooming moving now haha , hope you are all not to bad today , enjoy your day what ever you may or may not being and more importantly go steady and take care xx

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sorry to hear that hun hope you enjoy your reading. I was going to venture out today but it is raining and I am also in to much pain so i too will be watching dvd's with hubby and kids well you take it easy hun hope you have a better day tommorow xx


hello teresa hope you feel better soon love beth xx


you to angie you enjoy your day too and you beth aswell , i have i done minimal hung a fe things on the line and washed a few pots, i will myself to do them it's a challenge lol x it's my own mini olympics x


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