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Summer scheme

So after the farmyard debacle we had a relatively hassle free day at Lazerquest. Kidz were split into two groups one heading into a dark room to shoot 7 kinda crap outta each other with a lazergun and the other onto a football court to kick 7 kinds .... Well you get the picture lol.

The kids had a ball letting of steam pretending to be an olympian sporting hero or a soldier while we supervised from the sidelines, breaking up the odd arguement, patching up the odd scraped knee and comforting here and there the child who missed a shot at goal! Who said a chilcare worker cant multitask :-)))

Today were heading off to dundonald play centre where we will be taking the older children ice skating and the younger children to an adventure play land - omg the potential for fun frolicks accidents and disasters are limitless!!! So batten down the hatches dundonald theres 70 hyped up kids heading your way!! Please have a wee cup o tea and a few headache pills on hand ur soooo gonna need em lol

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Have a good time.