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Just fell over this morning

Could not sleep so I thought a cup of tea and sit in the conservitory and look out to the big world outside. Then I thought why not go outside and see how the plants are doing, silly girl that I am. Slipped and fell on my side, hiting my side back and landed on my right arm and some how kicked my left leg. Och!!!!!. Had to lay there for a while and did comtemplate to shout up to my sons bedroom but,he would tell me off for going out on the decking in the first place this time in the morning and also for not wear sensible shoes. I know I am going to hurt but bugger it, I am not going to spend the rest of my life (54) wrapped up in cotton wool. For some reason I feel so overwelmed with be a fibromialgic and not just being me. Why does our conditions become what we are. I may have fibromialgia but I am still ME. I must inform all of those that may be picking me up on my spelling (there will be a few) I am also borderline asergic and dyslexic. I know why did I become greedy and not just have one thing wrong. Also not sure if I dont have lupus but I just dont wont to know if I have or I have not. I am still stuggline with the fibro at the moment. Do any of you have problems with your tyroid (low) as I do and I am hoping to do my 3rd year at college (trained hynotherapist) on thyroid problems. If women have low thyroid they are more likely to have children with a form of learning disability. I have a son with aspergers/dislexia/fibromialgia. Love to have some feed back on this. Well onward I must go as I need to clean myself up as I have green slimmy stuff on my neck and pjs. Love and cuddles to you Also a pain free day as pain free as possible,

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Hope you feel a lot better soon. Falling down or into something is a nightmare isn't it? I am terrorized when the pavements become in any way slippy.

Reply,firstly hope your gonna be okay.yes wear sensible shoes.


Oh sparkydawn,

You must take more water with hit(ha ha) know it isn't funny. Hope you haven't hurt yourself too much. You will feel sore for a while now as fibro makes any bumps more painful than in a normal person.

Take care

Gentle Hugs

Bonnie Lass


I know that I will hurt more tomorrow and the next day but what the heck I have medication. Sometimes you just want to hurt yourself and heal like people who do not have fibro do ( no I am not a self harmer or suicide risk) I am sure the fibros will understand. Take real care of yourself



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