Just introducing myself as a new member :)

Hi everyone,

I am 18 years old and was diagnosed with fibro and CFS about a year and half ago. Alongside this I also have TMJ, Abdominal migraines, IBS, asthma, depression and anxiety.

Pretty much all of these issues have been brought on by stress as I am a carer for my mum (who also has alot of these conditions - so also heiritry factor), work and go to college.

I am struggling a lot at the moment to manage my conditions, my painkillers are being increased all the time and unless these current ones start to work I will need to go on morphine, which im not keen on !

my stomach issues have been on going for about a year and nothing seems to be helping,i am always in pain, feeling sick and not being able to eat. I am seeing a nutritionist soon however.

I was a devoted dancer and had to give that up (although I let loose in the night clubs - which i definitly pay for after) which was very hard for me. My conditions cause me to be concerned about me achieveing my career aims, being a nurse, i dont know if I will be able to cope with the pressure and intensity of uni and the job itself. Even having children concerns me and things like being able to drive and even finding a partner that will actually be understanding of my conditions and not get fed up with me, after a recent split up with a very understanding guy, I am really worried about not being able to find that again, at my age I dont see that any guy is going to want a girl with all those problems in the way, when i feel ill and horrib.le nearly everyday.

Anyway complaing abit too much now lol

Best Wishes to you all xxx

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  • hi there, youre not complaining, youre sharing your experiences with likewise people, so very nice to meet you and i wish you the best xx

  • Hi aiyshah

    welcome and glad you found us. Firstly sorry to hear all that you're dealing with and so young. You are Not complaining hon just sharing and if it helps then this is the place to do it, we all understand.

    I'm sorry too to hear about you're mum, caring is hard work, I wish you well with nursing training and hope you achieve your goal. You obviously a strong young lady, hang in their!!

    I too suffer from nausea, stomach pain and not able to eat, I know meds are'nt the only answer, but I tried lots of alternatives and found omaprazole and domperidone are helping, eating little and often helps too. I also cut out most dairy, drink soya milk etc instead, it helps with acid reflux.

    I hope today a better day for you.

    Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Hi Aiyshah,

    Sorry your having to deal with this so young. You need to find out as much as you can about all your conditions. I'm afraid it's a balancing act at best of timed. Balancing meds is important so nag your doctor. I steer clear of anything where the benefits are not worth the side effects. You need to pace yourself where you can. I know it's difficult with your Mum. You can achieve whatever you want, it musts takes a little longer and sometimes you have to do things a bit differently. Just remember you can get lots if support here. Xx

  • Hi I completely understand how you are feeling. I had to give up hockey and playing music which I'd done since I can remember, I want to be a teacher and have lots of kids but I worry I won't be a good enough mum and that my children will always have to be careful when they play with mummy...

  • Welcome Aiyshah,Sorry to hear you have these problems and so young,Its not easy living with Fibro but if you pace yourself and not try overdoing things ,I have a very understanding husband but I do try as much as I can not to be a burden on him,however he said he loves me and is happy to help me ,so dont worry too much about the future Im sure one day the right man will be along who will love you no matter what,You are not complaining hunny it makes you that way I too often have a moan about it,Glad you are here and hope some of the sufferers here will be able to help you as they do me .xx :) warm hugs.

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