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exhausted .....daughters birthday!!!!

i am exhausted today my fibro friends, it is my middle daughter stephanie's 23rd bithday, been busy i went to shops for cards fom other daughters ami and paige (it's a habit i can't stop it ), come home tried to have a clean up but the mother-in-law turned up middle of me trying to mop the floor and what with the dog walking all over it i gave up and left it for somebody else to do (just wanted to prove i could do it for myself really instead of relying on family never mind) , i am now on my own with some peace and quiet and god do i hurt , was nice seeing family today though x i still find it hard now my kids are grown up and there birthday cards don' t surround my home anymore :( xx why do they grow up eh? xx going to make a coffee now enjoy rest of your day xx i watch that channel 4 programme last night .....DISGUSTING is all i'm going to say xxxx

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hello teresa I hope you feel better soon I AGREE that programme was Disgusting also seen the one on bbc2 take care and rest tonight love beth xx


didnt get chance to watch the bbc2 one going to try and atch on i player later x i am sat relaxing watching olympics abd checking my emails , my eyes getting heavier as i type lol , the pooch is sat asleep by my side as she does when i sit and relax even though im relaxed my pain is off the scale grrrr, hope you enjoy your eveing too and are not to uncomfortable too x take care xx


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