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hi to you all it is a lovely morning here at the min blue sky and sunshine albeit a bit cold and i hope it stays like this but got feeling mr rain is on his way but fingers crossed he will miss us lol

i am helping my sister today in her beauty roon i t sounds funny when i say help as all i do is sit on my bum and answer the phone book in appointments and cancel them and take clients money and re book their appointments so that is all i doi but i dont take my kindle as does not look very proffessional sitting ther e reading when pleople come in

anyway i have walked the dog and he is curled up on the chair will walk him again before i go and thats it really all my jobs done xxxx

i hope you all have got nice plans foir the day love diddle xxxx

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Hi Diddle I have got up to rain now it was sunny at 5 but not now hope it brightens up cos got washing on! No plans for today just have to see what crops up and hope its good! Enjoy your day Sue xx


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