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i just dont understand whats supposed to be happening to me .i was signed off fit for work as of may 5th was told my ib was being stopped and that i would have to see what benefit i was to get. i went to my gp who gave me a medical cert for 12wks and took it with me to the cab who took all my details to send a letter to the dwp that being done i sent the med cert to what i thought was an office turns out it was an handling office anyway they lost it and i had to get a duplicate. i have since sent another one that being my second ,now as far as im aware im not getting incapacity benefit any longer but i`ve not exactly been told that im getting esa i get £71 and something pence a week so could anybody tell me what this payment actually is . ps still not had any word back from dwp about theletter the cab sent asking them to review their decision.

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Can't be sure, but it sounds as though you are receiving ESA in the WRAG group. Check this page it may explain things a bit better.


Hope you get it all sorted out soon.


Hi hun, hope you are feeling good today?

It is really not fair that you are being put through all of this stress, especially when it is known that we can get more muddled than most!

Take note of any phone calls, take names each time too. Also make sure you have copies of official forms/letters so you don't get caught out again. Not always easy unless you have a photo copier!

Ring them on Monday. Ask them whether they have received your paperwork and at what stage you are. Maybe ask for someone named on any letters you have got? If you don't have names or numbers, you do have some information as you know where things have been sent.

Good luck. I hope you have a family member or friend who could help you with this as I personally have difficulty in following up things - good at telling others what to do though, sorry.

Soft hugs


Thanks everyone, for all your help and advice, was looking through the questions the people from atos are supposed to ask although most of them have already been answered when I filled in the form or book would be a better name for it I think they know our memories are a bit dodgey at times and that's how so many repetitive questions and the cab also asked me the se things to make up more points so everything stored in my head but taking so long I'll probably forget lol :-)


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