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I thought I'd write this post after reading about some who have had problems with doctors & prescriptions. I have mentioned at other times the list I created on my medical info and thought maybe others could benefit from my experience.

I have all of my medical information in a printed packet that I carry with me everywhere. When I see a doctor or go to the hospital, I hand the packet to them & the make copies of it.

My first page is for getting their attention - Emergency Information that they need to know before they do ANYTHING to me (i.e. no tourniquet because it will blow my vein every time, no adhesive tape of any kind)

My second page contains my personal info (birthdate, address, etc.), emergency contacts, a list of all my doctors & their contact info, dates of surgeries & immunizations. This page also has the most recent date that I have updated all my info.

Next in my packet is a copy of my Durable Power of Attorney/Living Will.

Next I list all of my current meds, dosages, & schedule for taking them, along with the medical condition they are being taken for.

The next page may seem redundant to some people. On this page I list my health conditions and the treatment being received. I have this page because some of my health conditions are not being treated, but still affect how others conditions are treated.

My final pages are for all of my drug allergies along with the adverse reaction I had to each drug. I also list my food allergies in a separate section.

I keep this info on my computer so that when there is a change in my meds or allergies, I simply update the info and print a new copy. I laminate my pages to keep them neat and clean. I have found this med info packet to be so helpful for the doctors & myself. I hope others like this idea and will try it. I'd appreciate hearing anyone's thoughts on this. Let's help the doctors to help us!

Best wishes everyone!


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  • Like it! Good idea..i have always thought i should be wearing a bracelet identifying what i am taking ...just in case.

  • I have carried a simplified version of this for more years than I cqn remember since being prescribed Warfarin and having to be extremely careful what treatment ir meds I might be given. It just lists all the meds I take, what dose and for what medical condition. It is just kept on a simple spreadsheet and as you say when kept on the computer is easily updated. It would help anyone in an emergency and is handy on holiday if you had to see an unfamiliar doctor. Like you if I am going to see someone for the first time I hand a copy over which they can pin to their notes, it can save a lot if misunderstandings.x

  • Yes, it does save a lot of misunderstandings - and time, too! When we have a lot of meds to take or have a lot of drug allergies, it's wonderful to have it all printed out.

  • Hi sbncmo😊

    I wear a medic alert bracelet as I have a blood clotting disorder similar to haemophilia, but I also always carry a copy of my repeat prescription so that if anything happens people have info.

    I think what you do is a very good idea, and I wish I could be that organised, knowing my luck, I'd probably end up losing the packet, but thank you, you have given me food for thought and hopefully action 😊😊

    Foggy x

  • I have a medic alert bracelet, too. But I always felt it wouldn't provide enough vital info. There are computerized medic alerts, but that takes time to get it to a computer & pull up the info. When I have everything printed out, there is no loss of time. I have my packet small enough to fit into my purse. I also keep a copy of it hanging by the front door in case of an emergency.

    I hope you can set up a packet like this that will work great for you.

    Best wishes!

  • Wow. 😳

  • I think I need to get that organised.Stupidly enough I carry stuff like that round with me for my boys due to their disabling conditions and emergency carer network card etc but never seem to take myself and my problems as seriously. Think this weekend is the kick up the proverbial I needed.

    Thanks for posts as sometimes we need the obvious pointing out.

  • It's amazing how will we carry stuff like that around for our families, but don't always think to provide it for ourselves. With our severe allergic reactions to meds, I feel it is so vital to do so. Hope you are able to get a packet organized for yourself this weekend.

    Best wishes!

  • I think that is a wonderful idea. thank you so much for sharing.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • That's such a great idea because all the health professional s want to know what we are all on .

  • I work for the nhs and we have talked about getting patients to do this- providing people with long term conditions with a book similar to the ones provided to pregnant women. Health professionals could complete it too. Great that you're doing it. What do your health professionals think when you show them the first time?

  • Every one of them has said they love it & that they wish all their patients had something like it. They say it prevents misunderstandings. They also say it shows that I am proactive with my healthcare, which helps them to provide the best treatment for me.

    I think it would be great if everyone did this. I try to cover all possibilities, yet keep it simple so it can be referenced easily.

    Even my regular specialists like my packet. They pull up my file on their computer and will ask me for my packet so they can make any updates. It's great for doctor/patient relationships!

  • Left comments. Hope it helps you.

  • Thank you so much

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