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feel really down today but had a e mail that made me laugh

been crying a lot today, think i had a hours sleep last night,feel in so much pain and thought what is the point??? then i decided to come on here but first i opened my e mails sometimes i get advertizing rubbish and i clicked on one and in capital letters it said DEAR MISS P****, DO YOU HAVE ERECTION PROBLEMS? WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!!,well i do have loads of health issues but that is not one of them!! i thought the clue might be in the fact that my title is miss,so i can now go away thinking hey,there is a problem healthwise i haven't got,hurrah!!! i would swap fibro for that i think any day!! (not in anyway belittling gents who have this or meaning to offend) i would have understood if they had put mr !!!

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(((gentle hugs))) sorry you ahve been crying a lot today, I so wish there was a wand to wave and make peeps like you better.

Although I have now nearly got rid of those sort of e-mails by setting my spam levels high, occasionally one the escapes the net and one definately thinks that when they addressing things to "Miss P" they might just realise that "Miss P" wouldn't be a candidate for such a procedure ha ha.

The only thing which cheers me is that although we have problems with remembering things and least we have a degree of intelligence which those companies clearly DON'T have !!!!


I had four emails today all telling me how to get hold of some extra strength Viagra lol! :O


hey girls if you have a fella with problems down there ;-) then maybe you would be pleased at said email lol

Pop one in his tea at bedtime and ... we would be to tired to use it lol ...



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