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Today i am planning to do absolutely nothing a big fat zero all i plan on doing is getting my big sun chair out of the shed and sitting in it with a coffee in one hand and my kindle in the other and the only moving i am doing is to move the chair round as the sun moves and to go to the loo and to get another drink

so i do hope that the weather breaks as it is really cloudy here at min but yesterday started off like this and it got out lovely so fingers crossed ,

i hope you all have some nice plans love to you all diddle xxxxx

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i wish i could sit there and do nothing ,very jelous lol i have to do the dreaded shoping grrrr :) x


i used to get mine delivered by asda fantastic and you are not tempted with other stuff if your not in shop i dont do it much nnow s only my daughter and me oh and the dog and we dont get much she eats out alot with mates but you shoulfd try it tesco/iceland/sainsury they all do it love diddle xxx


enjoy just wish I had time too do it. Next week I'll be able to do it cause the girls will be with their dad, I exspect it to rain then. Always does if I plan something like that


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