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High court and A..tossers xx

Hi all, the link below is very very interesting, wonder what the outcome will be

Jan xxx

the High Court has granted permission for 2 disabled people to bring a case against the DWP, that reasonable adjustment must be made for people with mental health difficulties when attending ATOS assessments for ESA.

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Good - the more senior law makers that can see the vast inadequacies of this system the better.

Julie xx


Hi Julie,

just have to see what happens, got to be a step in the right direction though.

have also put posts on here about WCA and an Atos e.petition, just trying to reach as many as possible with info.

Take care

Jan xx


Hopefully it will be a positive result and will benefit all those going through ESA by ensuring that a claimants medical history and reports from GPs, Consultants, etc are taken into account right from the start.

The solicitor representing them said:

“The present system results in many thousands of unnecessary appeals at great public expense, with a high success rate. What is not counted is the cost in human misery for those people who should never have had to go through the appeals process in the first place. This could be avoided if doctors were involved in the assessments at the outset. The Government’s policy of by-passing doctors is inefficient, unfair, and inhumane. We gain heart from the court’s finding that as a matter of law, it is arguable that something has to change.”


hi Lima,

A very interesting comment by the solicitor, just have to see how it goes, let's hope the tide is slowly turning and people see this total shambles for what it is.

have also put posts on here about WCA and an Atos e.petition, just trying to reach as many as possible with info. i don't know what else to do, the more people are aware the more it must help.

take care

jan xx


Thanks for posting this information. I have mental health issues on top of the fibro and cancer and the assessments are totally unsuited to somebody like me. It took two suicide attempts and a month on a psych ward before my appeal was upheld!

I'll be watching this carefully. I think there is a good chance of a positive outcome. The high court probably knows that if they turn it down and it goes to the European Court for Human Rights, their decision will be overturned. This has happened to them too many times so I don't think they will want this embarassment again.

I hope so!



hi Whippet,

am posting it everywhere i can think of. It really is a breakthrough i hope and i shall also be watching closely also, very interesting.

Limas added comment above is also interesting. Maybe the tide is SLOWLY turning, who knows.

So sorry to hear about your issues, i hope things are looking up for you, I can't even begin to know how it all feels, just sympathise and send my good wishes and hugs.

It really makes me so angry to see time and time again on here and other sites what people have to go through for what basically is their right. Do they really think if they keep harassing us, sending us for useless assessments, we'll suddenly get better??!!!

Let's hope this is a step in the right direction.

Also put a post on here about people being sent for Atos assessments and a questionairre...have a look and see what you think, it's very important people take time to do something that might also have a positive effect on this whole shambolic system. surely if enough people give negative replies etc they'll eventually figure out it's rubbish.

Take care and have a good weekend

Jan xxx


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