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Lunch with my daughter

Hi everyone After a really stressful few days with my mood being the lowest ever I am looking forward to meeting my daughter for lunch.. It is her 34th birthday and she is 34 weeks pregnant and lives in Leeds. She has just started her maternity leave so now we will be able to meet up during the week. We are going to meet at a shopping outlet so we will walk round for as long as I can manage and then have our lunch out I am so pleased to have something nice tolook forward to. Hope you all have a lovely day Sue xx

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Hi Sue

How lovely for you, I hope it is a nice day and remember to rest as much as possible, those shopping outlets can be knackering :)

Have a fantastic day with your daughter.

I am a little sad as my daughter, s-i-l and 3 grandkids were gonna come up for 2 weeks tomorrow but tax credits as usual havent paid her so she can't afford it. I so miss the little uns.

Still its another lovely day and i aim to rest today. xx


Aah ladies have a lovely day.hugs x


Thanks Kialaya and Sammy

I have had a lovely time we met at 10.30 and had a little mooch then a hot choclate and then a bit more shopping. I had some M and S vouchers so got some nice new undies. My daughter then had to help me back to the car as I could hardly walk. We then went for lunch at the nearby Harvester I had fish and chips which was really nice. I then came home for a well earned rest having had a good time. Know I will suffer tomorrow but it was worth it.

Sue xx


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