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Yes its the middle of the night, IS any one out there

its a lonley and sad life being in my lounge listening

to the I would like to say soft snore, but its not soft

big big snore through my ceiling, I am sure that I Have

told him that I dont like that noise.

tired tired, how can you be tired and cant sleep, and

then when you think you can sleep yep thats right

you need a wee.

So decided that I would go downstairs, not a good idea

as the dog now wants to go out, God its dark in my garden

there could be a man hiding behind a bush I would not

know soon go after seeing me in my bed socks and granny

night dress, no wonder husband snores.

So give me some tips, what do you all do at night,

going now to bed and try to sleep, after sorted out the husband

a dig in the ribs should do that

love viv

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Hi Viv, like Paradise I am here too, and I bet there are many others as well.

Take care and don't go getting lost in that garden.

Have you thought of ear plugs? I find they help a little with a snorer! love Cazx


Hi, I too struggle i just watch the telly until i nod off or not, i,m new to this just joined , i only found out about this site last nite, always here for anyone who needs a chat, love shirleyor shirl lol, (my mother would hate shirl lol ) xx



Nice to meet you and thank you for replying

I am sure that you will find the people in here

Nice as I have done, and it's so nice to chat

To people who understand, and have such a

Lot of knowledge

My mum would have the same problem with my name

Most people call me Viv not vivien,me I don't mind answer

To anything

Hope to chat to you again

Love Viv vivienwrinklieface or whatever lol


Sorry now you will think I have lost the plot

And I am sure that I am wrinkle don't know

Where that came from I have a new iPad and

It seems to put things that it thinks, or maybe

It just thinks I am wrinkle.

And then I pushed the reply before I noticed the vivienwrinklieface

What I meant to put after all that is love Viv or vivien


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