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Thingd just seem to get worse!

Sorry but this is going to be another moan. After spending many hours getting my son to college I havenow been told he cant do the course as it is the same as the one he has already done. So now he is going to be back at home 24/7 How I'm going to cope I dont know. My pain is so bad I can hardly move today, my left ankle is huge and I have a severe stabbing pain in my left calf my mental health worker is coming soon perhaps she would like to lock me up because then I would be safe in a room on my own.

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oh bless you sending you lots of hugs xxxxx


hugs xxx


My son works & lives with me but he most certainly is not making life easy for me at the moment. I do everything I possibly can for him to most times now have it thrown back in my face. We've been on our own together since he was 8, he is now 22. He has always been a good lad & I've been complimented many times on the way hes turned out. Now with me I hate his attitude towards me & feel myself sigh with relief when he goes out.

However as much as I want to I could never throw him out.

I feel your pain.

Luv & hugs

Jackie xx


JusJac ' I do everything I possibly can for him' does this mean you do his laundry, and cook for him etc? I hope not. My grandson may be grumpy at times etc, but he is 16, and has been doing his own washing for months now. IF he wants his clothes ironed he does them, if not they don't get ironed. I do cook, but generally because I'm cooking for myself, and he will come and help, or he is often out with his mates. He changes his own bed and washes his bedding, currently in the process of tidying his bedroom, lol, keeps saying he has then I find the clothes stuffed under the bed :-( well they're his clothes. At the moment he doesn't work, he's trying to get a part time job, but nothing on the horizon, and he hopes to go to sixth form in September, but I've told him if he stops looking for a job his pocket money stops.

getactive, I do agree, your son needs to be out job hunting, he shouldn't be home making your life miserable.


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