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Telling tall stories

My late husband lost his right leg in a traffic accident.

He was very brave, and coped with his prosthetic leg pretty well, managing to play squash, ride a bike, and even to run a half-marathon.

He didn't ever let his disability stop him doing anything he wanted to, although if washing the dishes was mentioned, he would moan and come over all faint.

Max was a great character, and his legacy to all who knew him was his inspirational ability to make light of suffering.

He was well-known also to have little regard for anyone else's suffering, and many was the out-patient appointment where I have cringed quietly whilst he gave some poor disabled soul a 'pep talk' about how they should get a bike, take up rugby or do some other impossible task.

We went on holiday to Morocco once, and in sweltering heat he biked us all over the Casbah, and all around the Bay of Tangier. I was dropping with exhaustion, and thought I would die of the heat. We returned to our hotel and as I collapsed in a chair, Max bounced off to the bar for lemonade, telling me to hurry up and get ready as he was planning a camel ride.

A gritty old Yorkshireman who was in our group sucked his pipe, gave me a sideways look, and said: "Eeh lass, if ah were thee, I'd saw t'booger's other leg off - then thee'd have a bit of peace!"

Max's favourite hobby was telling tall stories; if anyone asked him how he had lost his leg, he would tell them it had been bitten off by a crocodile ... or a shark ... or a lion, or that he had had it removed by a mad dentist. All children believed him, and even some adults!

I was thinking about him the other day, as I often do, and thought maybe he had the right idea. I was hobbling around the park and someone asked me what I'd done to my leg.

"Oh", I said " I was shot in the knee by a jealous toy-boy"

I'm not sure if they believed me, but just for a few seconds it was fun to watch the mental

cogs grinding!

R.I.P. Max ... we miss you xxxxx

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he sounds like a lovely character i bet you never had a dull moment lol

your story cheered me up and made me laugh. I think it is hard to keep a sense of humour when in a constant daily battle with my own body but i think it is the only thing that keeps me going.

i looked the other day at some joggers and thought i am just going to put my trainers on and run to show this silly body that i am in charge ha ha fat chance at the moment but i will do it one day.

love the comment about the jealous toy boy by the way.

keep sharing your wonderful humour it's made my day

thanks lesley x


lovely blog thanks for sharing ,i think i need to take a leaf out of his book at the mo ,im sitting here worrying about my stupid holiday ,and then i read this ,well it has made me think what on earth am i thinking ,i just need to stop worrying and get on with it ,what will be will be :)

thank you again hugs lynz x


What a fantastic story!!! Your husband sounded like a fantastic guy, really made me smile, thank you for sharing this. I love the idea of you continuing the legacy of his tall stories, might even give one a go next time I get asked :-)


wonderful story thanks for sharing, i loved your response, serves themright for being nosy!! next time someone asks me why i am in a wheelchair i shall say i jumped naked off top of the wardrobe to jump on my naked fella but forgot he had moved the bed!!


Fantastic to read! How lovely to have fun and a giggle over something that was really very serious. I love humour like that, thank you for posting! :) :D


great Blog Ladymoth, I am still laughing! thank you for this, best wishes, Caz


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