Mr Muggle

Suddenly when I was watching the telly the b**** cat walked over to the dogs bed (New that day) and infront of everyone turned his back and weeed My goodness we were so out raged what is the matter with the bonkers animal all my cats and dogs have always been so clean but this puddling nightmare is too much I suspect that will be us calling a final curtain on his behaviour. I am furious *********

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  • We had that prob and found that after the weed being cleaned and dried a few drops of tea tree oil helps as the cat doesn't like the smell.

  • Thanks for the suggestion will try that for smell (I canot smell because of medicine so a bit worrid about pongs

  • I had a minor op two weeks ago and so was out all day, unusual for me. Our son was home for half of the time but our elderly dog was definately put out with the lack of attention and decided to wee in my bedroom. Instead of a nice lie down when I got home I was faced with removing rugs, getting the floor scrubbed and a lot of air freshener.

  • What a wretched home coming hope it is all sorted now x gins

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