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And i must have been a wicked person lol. today i have got to go and get some paint to paint my garden fence posts as dad put me my new trellis up yesterday and it looks lovely but because it is different size and shape to my old one i have got to get some paint to paint the bits in that are now ifferent colours it wont take me long about an hour to hou and half .

then still no rest i have got to go to my sister beauty room again as she wants me to do the i lipo on her ( the new machine she got like lipo sution without surgery it omnmits lasers into you skin and makes the fat breakdown and it gets picked up by your lymphatic system and dispersed as waste) and it actually works i done it on her last tue she lost 8 cm all over her middle could not believe it and my mum lost 7 cm on hers so i have seen it with my own eyes .

then by he time i have done that you are looking at 4 pm so home feed and walk the dog then thatsabout it another of diddles days over

then tommorrow i have got to go over to my daughters as she wants to send her passport off so got to help ger do that then thats it hopefully thurssay will be a nothing day lol

love to you all and hope you are enjoying the sunshine love diddle xxxx

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Me too Diddles, Can you get the treatment elsewhere, and any idea what it's called?

have a lovely day, and I hope a restful one on Thursday!


me three lol xx


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