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busy weekend

busy weekend looking after my 15 yr old grandson n pets while his mum has been to skegness ,and my son n his wife n baby came today from kent for the week n ive been playing with owen all afternoon with his new toys from auntie becky a plane a digger n a truck he has been such a good boy but u know wot nannas r like ,like a cat on hot bricks watching he doesnt hurt himself on a strange garden, 2 yr olds they dont stop for breath do they lol ,im paying for it now tho but i dont care iv had such fun ,soft hugs to u all Tofty xx

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So glad you have had a lovely time with you family nothing beats grandchildren I hope that you don't suffer to much. Try and have a quiet few days and take care sue xx


Grandkids are the best .i have just spend a week on holiday with two of mine .enjoy every minute tofty they become grown up so fast .. Every pain is worth time and fun with them x my daughter lives in kent to x


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