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sunshine at last

well, everyone, get out there in the sun and have a great day. I am finding the low oxalate diet easy to follow and will let you know if I feel any better after a couple of weeks.

Mr.Fibro is not punishing me too much at the moment. Taking no medication at all at the moment as side effects of amytryptalene etc. were worse than the fibro!

I am using my massage machine and have a tens machine if needed, swimming and hot jacuzzi 3 times a week and this low oxalate diet, all my attack arsenal on Mr.Fibro!

I am sleeping really well, so things are looking up. Have a good day all xxx

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ive never heard of that diet ,what ever is it ?

well its still overcast here so hopefully the sun will get here soon ,enjoy your day avarose :)

hugs lynz x


In the Daily Mail on Tuesday,there is an article on page49. Written by a female doctor who got fibromyalgia and she went on the low oxalate diet and it helped her so much.So,therefore i am giving it a go. You can print it it off the internet. I hope others will have a go.xx


Yay good for you ..... I am mad with my osteo before I developed that in my knees and ankle I kept fibro at bay with swimming and hot showers and cycling it's amazing how exercise helps if you can do it ... well it does for you and it did for me xx


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