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sleep evades me -----------------

It can be said that these days I am a lousy sleeper :) Like most of us. Having not slept last night particularly well you know bit here bit there. Today I find myself unable to keep my eyes open! Up as usual about 5 the old back pushes me out of bed and then it is useless valueless to try sleeping so I hobble about trying to move and end up at table with computer searching for someone to gass with................ Now my eyes will not focus and I keep going to sleep how b****y useless is that. I am here then gone. eyes are sore reading is poor and it is one of the things I enjoy. Got my O.U. results back I passed thank goodness....really enjoyed the course kept me of the streets all last winter. Have a good day every one xx gins might go back to bed.

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Hi gins

I woke at 4.15 only had 9 hrs in over 2 days again. Did some washing, Hung it out. 5 mins later line broke. So managed to put up a small one. Another load done but gotta wait til first load dries. Reading book on garden swing enjoying some quiet time but back wouldn't let me so sat on bed reading. Hopefully. I will fall asleep and i hope you get some too.

Gentle hugs KIA x


Oh well done on passing ur OU course. X


Congrats on passing course.the back prob makes it worse.i wish i haf a swing or a hammock or a rocking chair they make u go to sleep.i might try and get one of those.have a nice day xx


Thanks Kialaya and sammy what a good idea a rocking chair would be I wonder if we could get them on prescription gentle hugs gins


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