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day 3 didnt last long !!! :(

morning all hope you are all feeling ok .....well day 3 didn't last long by mid afternoon was feeling a lot of uncomfortable pain, so i just rested with my daughter who is 18 weeks and 6 days pregnant and her dad my husband waited on us hand and foot lol bless him i wouldn't be without him he is my knight in shining armour xxxx :), delayed going to bed for aslong as i could was fighting to keep my eyes open downstairs so thought right good time to go to bed and hey presto goes to bed yesss you guessed couldn't sleep gggrrrr typical eh i i'd managed to light sleep around 2-50 till around 6ish '' , got up around 8.30 couldn't lay anymore 1 because my dog was going mental at the little boy who walks his big boxer dog(i say walk the dog pulls him )and everyday twice aday at same time he brings acrossed to my garden for them both to have a bark off which is getting a bit annoying now if i must admit , but confronting the mum is a no no because i am afraid i would say more then i need to say so i have decided i will shut me an my lil pooch in the back room at these times so to avoid the bark off haha,and 2. my body so is be naughty today i dont think my injection has worked this time in my shoulder as it is still as painful as hell specially when laying, i don't know what to say ouch to most so i am going to chill and my hubby is treating me to my hair done today not had it done for over 6weeks luckily my hairdresser is my best freind so when i go to the salon i am treat like a queen :) but i dread the hairwashing part as i always think i aint going to be able to sit back up as i sooo sieze up , hopefully that will cheer me up seeing my freind and having my hair done i don't know wether to stay blonde or go darker (brown with some aburn amber flashes through) i need a change i think, on an ubeat note my little grandson who live s in australia has got his 2nd tooth in the space of a couple of days from getting his first he is only just 5 months old he is sooo clever he is rolling all over the place he is trying his hardest to crawl and he little face lights up when we skype everynight as soon as we greet him with good morning little pudding the biggest smile is upon his beautiful little face ...... i soooo miss him and my daughter xxx have a good day my lovelies and don't over do thing xxxx

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