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computer said no :-(

I was going along ok for me but computer said no, today I have dropped like a sack of spuds


I was pacing, bed at the right time up at the right time but I think the stress that happened yesterday has hit, I just can not take it ...

My son bless him has made me a tea and some oven food and got the washing in, not normal behaviour so I must be bad lol

Soft hugs xxx


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bless you penny i hope you feel better soon xx


Hi Penny it does'nt take much to knock us back (overdoing it,strees,worry ect) do try and get a good rest. Its good your son has helped. I know one of mine would one would'nt but nither have lived at home for years. soft hugs Marg xx


Thank you lynz and scrumie, had a sleep and going to sleep again :-)

Avoiding stress now xxx


I know what you mean, over doing it and stress knock me down too, I really hope you feel better soon. Caz


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