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Been up to my sister beauty room and had my naiks done in french polish they look really lovelty especially with the tan lol

my mum popped up as a guinea pig for the i lipo machine lazer lipo suction basically it melts the fats and takes it into your lymphatic system which then gets rid of it around your body as waste you have 20 mins on it ansd 8 sessions my mum lost 5 cm on her stomach area in 20 mins me and my sister were shiocked it says that it should do that but nothing like seeing things for yourself it is the latest craze an d one other salon has it in town and charges £800 for 8 sessions my sister is charging £360 for 8 and she is making money so who is being greedy lol and my sister has got 6 pads that she put on they have 4 !!!!!

anyway one thoing for sure i wont be having that as got no fat to get rid of lol but good forthose who want it

oh well now gonna have some tea probably cereal and see if my daughter wants to come over to see my grandsons an go to the shop to pick her paint for her room

love diddle x

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Hi Diddle I could do with one of those machines, trouble is we live in Devon. If you remember son and daughter-in-law & grandaughter live in Norwich. Might have to go and stay with them (dont think they would want me for that long). Never mind it sounds as though you have had a fun day. Take care soft hugs Marg xx


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