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my daughter parks her car in the same road for work every day and today the essex and suffolk water people were working right in front of her car thats fine she thought untilshe left off work and they had gone but left a huge scrape in the back wing of her car bless her she only had the car 3 months if that and it cost her alot of money she is livid she said you can see iotwas a vanm as it white paint which they are . i called them but they shut at 6 i treid to e mail but the address they give wont send it as she took pics of the damageso i wrote a lwetter which i will post tue am and call them and get an e amil so i can e mail them the pic theynwill be anvble tomtrace the van that was working and whom it was

so naughty they should have left a note but no bless her it only a little ka and they are not very robust but they aint heard the end of it i am like a dog with abone when i get going i wont stop i may be litttle but idf i think i am right watch out lol love diddle x

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I dont blame you both for being mad they could have left a note it good job you got pics of it hope you get some joy tomorrow good luck love beth x


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