neck inflammation

I have swelling in the base of my neck, had xray two weeks ago and since then the sewlling goes up and down. have not injured my neck, gp said to make appt for two weeks , that its nothing to worr about but something that requires discussion? allso get achin and burning particularly right arm and both legs, pins and needles in right arm and into little finger, does this ring any bells with an of you?

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  • hello debs my neck is bad it is so painful and my right arm I could scream with the pain my gp said it is all to do with fibo tonight my legs are painful so I know it Will be a bad night for me I hope you feel better soon take care love beth x

  • Thanks Beth, it helps to know I'm not alone, get so frustrated sometimes xxx

  • ive heard of these symptons before ,have you googled cervical spondylosis?

  • no, will have a look hun.thanks xx

  • just had quick look lnz and tbh, it scared me a bit, so will wait to see what doctor says. I get so scared of getting bed ridden again, of ot being able to play wit my grandchildren etc, Half my problem is admitting that I do have this condition.x

  • sorry hun ,didnt meen to scare you ,hugs xxxx

  • Hi Debs yes i have this pain in my neck been suffering all week, my physio gave me some exercises to do but still not good, I bought one of the wheat bags you warm in the microwave does help a little, I also have the problems with the burning sensation in my legs and my feet at times feels like i am walking on hot coals, The thing with Fybro is we get so many different problems. yet every time we get tested for something it comes back negative, I am sure at times they think it's all in our head, more understanding of this painful condition would be helpfull, hope you feel better soon take care hugs sent xx

  • hi it sounds very much like me i have had a mri scan on the base of my neck showing a bulging disc but your symptoms sound the same as mine i have tried physio but symptoms still persisting get them to do an mri scan on you.

  • I've also been having more or less of the same symptoms. My neck swells up too and I have pain in my shoulders. I recently had my MRI scan results back and thank

    God its nothing serious as I thought it was. However, the scan showed the muscles thickened surrounded by a lot of fatty tissue. I've been told its due to stress and anxiety and It can get bigger or smaller.

    Don't know if this sounds familiar to anyone.

    Soft hugs n love x

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