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Day of pain - used all my spoons and probably a bit more!!!

Thought I was doing really after starting T3 treatment didn't actually feel much better but must of been better cos actually ventured to the gym and WOW what a surprise really enjoyed doing 3 minutes on each apparatus!!! Awsome feeling and NO payback !!!!but then yesterday (Friday) went gym enjoyed but had to do spot shopping for grandson who needed Wellies for seeing Jessie J. Unfortunately we got caught in traffic which exhausted me and time ran out so I couldn't have my planned nap!!

So then an exhausted me and two grandsons set off to see the fab Jessie J. We had to park in a field 10-15 mins walk away, stand 3 or so hours and of course walk the 10-15 mins back to the car - result?? Yes you've guessed PAYBACK big time. Been in bed all day with terrible pain radiating from spine or back passage - not sure which, all down both legs into feet - bloody awful. Praying it will ease off tomorrow. Gym trips called off for few days for recovery. Was it worth it I ask myself - probably not. Think it's a learning curve about PACING - pacing works after all!!!!

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