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I think all fibromites need to unite nd campaign for a better late nite TV service!!! Wat da heck r we paying our tv license fee for?? Im a virgin customer and For the pricely sum of £80+ per month I am entitled to watch over 100 chanels of PURE CRAP!!!! Lol. The quality of programmes from countries all over the globe only add to your pain wen ur once again up all bloody nite and gagging for some visual company, stimulation, or escapism. Lets all march, walk, hobble, crawl or be pushed in an assortment of mobility aids lol to TV's main broadcasting companys and giv em wat for. Com on guys in suits in high powered managerial positions use your brain nd start deliverin!!!!!! some of us are awake 24 -7 and need some gd quality television company to keep us distracted from r aches nd pains :-)

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  • I totally agree!!

  • I end up watching all the classic films, there's always something to watch on there! We're with VirginMedia too! :)

  • Ya cant beat a classic wheter its a film or book - they dont make em like that anymore :-) god how depressing im acting my age lol

  • Haha, that was better than any telly prog, Dixiesdaughter. made me laugh!! I dont have a telly any more, havent watched since new years eve when my licence ran out.too much money to pay for too much CRAP. Id rather be on here being amused by you lot. Its a good thing we still have our sense of humour isnt it?!! Tell you wot tho, Id saved up for my next licence on the payment card thingy, then thought "Nah, not doing it". I told them and asked for what Id paid to be refunded. No hassle whatsoever.Cheque arrived, put it in the bank, very happy Bee. Why cant other bizniz be like that? Well done T.V. Licencing :)

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