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Hi All

Have you ever heard of this??? My Aunt had told me about it its to do with the bad yeast in your gut. There are foods that can make it worse but seemingly if you have too much of it it can have similar effects to what FM does. I try and eat the probiotics yoghurts to keep the balance. I have had a look into it but there are a lot of foods that are bad and if you where trying to cut them out you wouldnt have anything to eat!!! lol

Has anyone cut out certain foods that you think has made a slight difference??

Take Care

Jo xx

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Candidiasis or thrush is a fungal infection. Candida is something that many of us have small amounts of in our bodies, but sometimes this can get out of control and you get an infection. This can either be of a localised area, or it can be systemic (throughout your body). Recurrent doses of antibiotics are a possible cause.

In patients with severely compromised immune systems, Candida infections are potentially serious, but for most people they are not. They can have a significant impact on your general health though.

If you do need probiotics, you're best off taking good quality supplements with high doses and no additives (e.g. sugar). If you don't need probiotics, they won't help!

You can get checked for a Candida overgrowth issue with proper gastrointestinal tests (e.g a three day stool sample test with full analysis) but this is not usually available on the NHS.

Other signs include recurrent localised infections - e.g. vaginal thrush, oral fungal infections, skin fungal infections. Symptoms can include fatigue, joint pains, IBS-like symptoms, etc.

I have found the book 'Candida Albicans' by Leon Chaitow useful, especially if you suspect you may have systemic Candida and cannot get proper medications so need to rely more heavily on diet and supplements.

If you do have a systemic Candida infection, the odd change in your diet won't be enough to help TBH.


Hi Lindsey

thank you for your reply. it might be something for me to look into.



Hi Jo Jo, I suffered terribly with Candida infections, I had a hysterectomy and have not had the problem since, thank goodness!! x x x


I had never heard of it until my aunt had said about it. I knew about the bad yeasts etc as i used to suffer from it from time to time if you know what i mean? dont really want to say incase of any male readers!!!! lol

Glad that you are not suffering now.



Hi JoJo,

Wow! what a comprehensively good answer you got from Lindsey.

I have this book and it has lots of great recipes in it. Erica White's Beat Candida Cookbook: It has over 300 recipes in it, if you want to take the dietary route.

There some factual stuff before you actually get to the recipes, but she makes it very clear it's not intended to be any kind of medical text book.

I think I like it best because it's written by someone that suffered with it and she tells you her story at the beginning.

happy hugs, kate :)


Hi JoJo,

I battled with a severe case of systemic candida for half my life, and I can tell you from my own experience that it takes 3 things to beat candida:

1) a well balanced yeast free diet

2) taking antifungal medication, probiotics and vitamin/mineral supplements

3) stress management

So I totally agree with Lindsey that it takes more than just a diet change to control this condition. I have tried a few different candida diets in my time.

The one that worked best for me is outlined in the book that kraftyk8 mentioned (Erica White's Beat Candida Cookbook).

Having buckweat with rice milk instead of muesli with dried fruit and milk has made a big difference for me.

Eating yeast free bread instead of the supermarket variety helps. So does regularly doing a mini fast (where you only drink or just eat cooked brown rice and veg) - this really takes the pressure of your digestive system so your immune system can deal with the candida overgrowth.

Come and say hi on my blog - You can find plenty of candida info & recipe inspiration there ;-)




One change to your diet that can help with candida overgrowth is adding coconut oil. Here's a good article on the benefits of coconut oil in fighting candida overgrowth.

If you have oral thrush, rinsing your mouth with coconut oil (also called "oil pulling") can help, as coconut oil is a potent anti-fungal.

Good luck!



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