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I read so many blogs from people who are being reassessed to see if they really need the carers they have etc that i finfd it so very insulting to thsepeople i am lucky at hthe moment i dont hve carers only my immediate family who look after me but i am not in need of carers (at this present time )

BUT that could change at any time and i have not ruled it out of my mind wenone of us know where we are going to end up

i do finddit very insulting though when they write to prople saying youare being reassessed for the carers that you have

ARE THEY THICK these people do they really honestly think that people enjoy having strangers come into their homes on a basis of anythingfrom once to prob 4 x a day and go through their home tiding up and helping the individual with what ever personal care they may need !!!

dont they think for one min that person if that care was not needed that theyy would have the greatest of pleasure to be able to call the dept up and say hey i dont need the caring anymore as i am alot beytter and able to do this or that now ??????

honestly where do these people come from ???

love to you diddle xxxx

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totally agree diddle ,it must be so awful ,the worry must be unbearable ,i really feel for the people on here that have to go through this worry and stress ,

hugs xx


I agree, I have read so many blogs about this and realise there are people with greater needs than me who are being turned down. I have got the form and my husband wants me to pursue it but I just feel the aggro is not worth it as I get so stressed over everything anyway.

I also feel it is a stage in losing our own independence, who wants to admit to that, we all have our pride as adults and I agree I don't like strangers in my own home, x x x


Tell me about it. I have just been "tucked over" by DLA and fighting to get back my payments. I have lost £110 a week just in the click of a finger because of some fraud that examined me and gave a totally false medical report. I don't have strangers come to my house to help because I couldn't, but my lovely brother comes round every day to help and now I cannot treat him back. It is totally depressing. I am fighting the best I can though to sort it out but it will take months in which time I have no money for food even. xx


hope you don't mind me asking, but what benefit have you lost? I have just won a tribunal for DLA, and i'm still fighting for ESA care componant


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