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Ode to the soaps

Ode to the soaps

Its red light blinks as it watches all

Sitting there brooding against the wall

The hands on the clock move around

Is that car tyres we hear on the ground

A woman’s voice floats through the air

The eye brightens up without a care

Where there is woman there is hope

For soon it will be time for her soap

She’ll push the button into place

And light up the television face

As Janine draws the verbal sword

And the Mitchells raise hell

In the village of walford

3 Replies

hahahaha ur bloody good should right a poetry book xxxxxxxxxxxx


i have written over two hundred poems lol and other stuff do it to keep my brain from really foggin up most of them arecopy rite.i put (c) ON THOSE THAT ARE.


i write poems or should i say i did but over the yrs my ability to think properly has got worse(i know theres a word or it but cant think of it lol).i have a go fm time to time but i get soooooooo frustrated...its not important i know but it dose bother me a bit,lv and fluffy hugs fm me :) xx


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