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My furniyure was delivered at 2pm and by 2.30 my dad was here and all the bits were laid out everywhere i would not have known where to start but bless him he soon got stuckin within an hour on unit was done hen he had to make up the big sideboard and by 6pm it was al done my new pic was put up and we were all tidied up and dad was on is way home

mum and dad are popping round tomorrow to bring my shopping round as they do thay every wed and that its it really i am gonna have an easy day i hope love diddle xxxx

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so gladitsalldone you must beova the moon huggies petal


med up for you diddle,its a nice feeling when you get something new...enjoy xxxxxxxxxxxx


Aren't Dad's lovely? You will have to bake them a cake as a big thank you. Thoughts to all those who don't have Dad's now. I truely value mine and now hope I can help my parents out a bit as they are in their 8o's. Enjoy your new furniture. X


My Dad was so brilliant when he was here, miss him so much. My Mum was diagnosed with Vascular dementia nearly a year ago and at times it feels like I have already lost her too, I value the visits I have with her when she is 'mum' again. You are a lucky girl Diddle, everybody must value there parents while they are still around xx


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