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I've been put in this group after my ESA medical and I don't know how possibly can I cope with it. Is anyone doing it who can tell me what involves? From what I have read I don't know how I could possibly can deal with it. I would get back to work at least a couple of hours a week if I could do this work-relates activity but I am obviously not fit for it.

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im sorry hun does that mean you have passed your medical?have you looked on this website for more questions.

im new to this forum so dont no.

try not to fret about it and maybe go and see someone at c.a.b.


Hello there Smily! Thank you for your message, I hope we are able to point you in the right direction. If you click on the link below it will take you to the ESA tag, which has a wealth of information on ESA, appealing etc. I hope you find some info on there to help you.


You could also try popping along to your local CAB (Citizens' Advice Bureau) who will be able to provide you with more information on how to appeal etc. Click on the link below for some good pointers there too.

Wishing you all the best, I hope this situation sorts out very soon for you, it can be so stressful can't it. Take care. :)


Hi I am also on this, don't panic when I went for my one to one I was told that those how are to I'll to work that you will be given targets to complete these ate things like taking your meds keeping up with all your doctor appointments. They don't expect you to go to work but you must complete these targets to cla your benefits do don't worry x


Please excuse the spelling mistakes my fingers don't work and the predicted text was on x


Thanks Alison, that makes me feel better. I also read if you are not well enough to go you can postpone it. I guess this might be too often if you are too ill, though. How long are the interviews? I can't sit straight for over 20 minutes and this really worries me.


Thanks for the reassurance Alison84. I haven't got my verdict yet. Your message made me feel a little better. Thank you. Fibromite.


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