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Hello all

Hi iv been on the site a few wks an though it was time to say hello,iv had fibro for 10 years but its been really bad since august last year,I also have other health issues I generally stay quite positive,although its been really hard lately ! I'm on ora morph an have been for 5yrs its takes the edge of my pain but I'm to used to it now,I'm single and have one sin who's 21 and understandably he finds it difficult to understand my illnesses and pain, I though I'd join here as it seems friendly an supportive I'm always happy to chat and happy to listen if I can help anyone anyways that's a little about me, and please excuse my spelling and written English Isent very good ,so bare with me please anyways Hello all

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Hello Lors

Welcome to the forum :)

Please don't worry about spelling. Your post is more than understandable.

I am sorry that your Fibro has got worse over the last year.

Have you been to see your GP to ask if your meds may need reviewing?

The problem with taking meds on a regular basis is that sometimes our bodies do get used to the dose.

If you have a look at our mother site you'll find lots of info about Fibromyalgia on there fmauk.org

Once again a very warm welcome.

Lu x


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Thanks for that welcome,yes my gp says there us nothing else they can give me as a lot of meds disagree with me as I have crohns disease as well,I had a lignocain infusion last Aug an it made matters worse,I'm on a waiting list at the mo for the pain management course iv been waiting nearly a year,witch is not long I guess with the way things are with the NHS

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Yes your body does get used to the medicines. I started out on 15 mg of morphine three times a day then went to 30 mg twice a day three times a day for times a day six times a day and at the end I was taking them just to feel normal and there was no killing of pain just killing the feelings that I had for listening to the birds sing sitting on my porch or anything else in life that matter. They killed pain but they also kill everything else that matters in life and before long they will turn on you at all drugs

I'm not saying not to take more than obvious saying I had one hell of a ride with it almost killed me and I am off of it though I heard a lot more

I'm the king of spelling errors and I speak fluent English I tried to use voice text but since I have a strong Texas accent some words appear as they should not and get me in trouble ha ha so sorry


Hello Lorsxxx, welcome to the forum. It sounds like you need your meds reviewed like BlueMermaid suggested. I had gotten used to my meds and needed codien added a low dose it dose help. I have a 28 year old son he understands about fibro, unfortunately a close friend of his suffers too poor girl is in her 20's and suffers migraines too. Good night🌛. Chris

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Hi Lorsxxx

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Oh, my Phibro also gotten much worse in the last year but I found out is because I don't take morphine anymore. So regardless of what I said earlier, I feel everything now so not sure if it's actually gotten worse or I can just leave it but it's pretty damn bad. However could always be worse right? Not sure how much worse now you could always be worse


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