Baby!!!! :) :)

Hi everyone I was recently diagnosed with fibro and just increased changed tablets. A lot of pain sometimes and trying to get used to it all. WELL got a nice BIG suprise yesterday that myself and my husband are expecting our 2nd child :D very excited and happy but wonder is there anyone on here who is pregnant or been prgnant whilst having firbro?? Just looking for a bit advice re meds ect if these will change or be stopped???

Thanks :) Tammy x

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    i had fibro with my second child, (and possibly my first but not as sure).

    i had alot of problems with synthis pubis and if my legs parted my hips dislocated! however, i also have spine problems, so the combination of both problems made me wheelchair bound for the second half pregnancy.

    luckily you can take codiene saftley during pregnancy so i managed somewhat with pain relief.

    the exhaustion was extreme in the first trimester, however on a positive note i have a beautiful daughter to show for it!!

    relax, delegate and again, congratulations xxx

  • I've been pregnant with Fibro, but mine was under control so that I could come off almost all meds beforehand.

    You need to see your GP asap to discuss your medications. Be aware that the BNF (the book on drugs usually used by NHS GPs) takes a very cautious line on medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    You should really be put under consultant led care for this pregnancy as you may well need some medications.

  • And congratulations!!!

  • congratulations :) xxxx

  • Thanks girls :) xx

  • congratulations and good luck love beth x

  • congratulations take care

    Lin x

  • oh how fabby congratulations to you both xxx

  • Thank u all :) I have docs today xx

  • Congatulations its so nice to hear good news Sue xx

  • Many congratulations - good luck with everything :) x

  • Awww congratulations Tammybee ! What lovely news for you both .



  • Thank you :) :) xx

  • Congratulations 2u & ur hubby x Gentle hugs & big :)s x

  • congratulations and get plenty of rest xx

  • Hi congratulations to you both hope everything goes well. soft hugs xx

  • congrats to u and hubby x

  • Congratulations tammybee! Wonderful news!

    Gentle hugs,


    Carol xx

  • Just wanted to say many many congratulations and wish you all the very best for the future as parents, which I believe is a real privilege and also such hard work, especially with problems such as FM. Will I am sure be worth it all! xx

  • Huge congratulations - the best kind of news!

    Christine x

  • What great news, congratulations!! What an exciting time, I hope all goes well for you all.

  • Many congratulations Tammy, that's wonderful news! :)

    Our Lindsey (Admin Team) who has already posted is the best person to ask on this subject as she's been pregnant with Fibro. Take her advice and really take care of yourself and your precious cargo. Hope it all goes well for you! :) :)

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