Hi all just joined the site tonight so for all intents and purposes I'm a fibroaction virgin - try saying that when your tongue hurts lol. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 7 yrs ago and at first I managed it quiet well with paracetamol and if I'm honest a huge dose of skeptisicm in regards to the existence of such a condition. silly me eh!!!!

For the past 18 months fibromyalgia has been busy attacking me physically, mentally and emotionally and making sure that I never again doubt either its existence nor its widespread impact.

I just wanted to introduce myself to my fellow fibro suffers and hopefully come on here from time to time to get advice, info, support, sympathy, company and a wee bit o craic as we say in belfast.

Drop by and say hi next time your on


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  • Welcome! Hope you enjoy the community here :)

  • hi and a very warm welcome to you i do hope that you get so uch from the site you are not alone and that is the most important thing however you are feeling you can just put it on here and we are all here to help you any way we can as you will us love to you and hope to chat again soon and i love the name love diddle xxx

  • Hi diddle thanx it means a lot to know ur among like minded friends : -) Dixie was my dad's nick name; I kinda use it as a tribute to a true gent and wonderful daddy who sadly died when I was just 15 yrs. new ays once again than for the msg and hopefully chat soon xx

  • Hello and welcome Dixiesdaughter! Great to see you here! You will find friendship, support and understanding in our lovely forum! Take a look around and if there's anything you are unsure of, just shout and we will do our best to help you. We really hope you enjoy being here as much as we do! :) :)

  • Hi Libby thanx for the warm welcome its much appreciated :)

  • Hi Lindsey than its gr8 to be part of a community who recognise, understand and can sympathise with this painful life changing and often debilitating condition. Im looking forward to learning about how others manage their symptoms whilst trying to maintain a 'normal life' :)

  • Hi Dixie. I`ve not been on here for long. It amazing being able to come on here, sometimes when you feel so low and life just isnt worth it I come on, and within just a few minute I feel kind of human again, and not so alone. So a big welcome :) Ann

  • Hi Dixie and every1, I've just joined the community and wanted to say hello before going to bed and hopefully get some sleep! but if i cant well i have some where to come now!! that i have joined the community and look forward in getting to know you all :) love and soft hugs to you all, Beebs xx

  • hi dixie lv,welcome to our lovely family.xxxxxx

  • Hi Dixie and Beebs,

    A warm welcome to you both, you can be sure you're among friends here. This is such a lovely site with some wonderful people, you can have a moan, a chuckle, make friends and find helpful info, but most of all you know everyone on here knows how you feel.

    Take care

    Jan H xx

  • H Jan

    hanx for your lovely warm supportive comment - I think i'm deff gonna like it on here cuz I'm fed up trying to explain to those without this horrible condition just how much and in how many weird ways it affect ya; so being with others who wear the tshirt is soooo liberating :-)


  • * thanx

  • Welcome 2 r world hun x Gentle hugs & big :)s sent 2u x

  • welcome to Dixie's Daughter. I hope you find the comfort from this site that I have, best wishes Caz

  • Thanx caz i believe I will its amazing how many fellow suffers have been in touch already wiv warm wishes & soft hugs. It feels like home already lol. Glad 2 hear ur finding the site helpful nd supportive its sumthing we all need on r down days x

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