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Struggling with working!!

Hi all,I am currently struggling with my job at the mo.I work in a primary school in year 1,I have just been moved from year 4 and I am finding it so much more difficult to cope.In so much more pain on lots of meds including Butrans Patches but still hurting a lot.Frightened of losing my job as I am a single parent and dont know what I would do for money.Any help please xx

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so sorry you are struggling, would a break from work help? if so try get sick note, or could you reduce your hours?

sorry i dont know what to suggest, im a single parent, but im on ESA support so work not an issue.

good luck and hugs to you xx


Hi,I have just had 2 weeks on sick and this is my second week back.I have asked work about reducing my hours with no luck so far :/.Thankyou hugs back xxx


Thankyou so much I will have a look at these xx


Hello Louise, so sorry to hear that you are finding things hard to manage at the moment. Have you considered speaking to your employers about your situation at home and with your health etc. Employers can be more understanding than we tend to think if only they are kept in the picture. It's also important to be aware of your employee rights, which I am sure the links above that Chris has posted will give you info on. Perhaps reducing your hours and supplementing your lost income with a benefit might be the answer to reduce your work load and hopefully improve how you feel too?! It might be worth enquiring about.

Please feel free to post your concerns in our lovely forum, we are always happy to offer support where we can. Take care and I really hope things improve for you very soon. :) :)


Thankyou so much I have told work with no joy at the moment :( Waiting for Occupational health to get in touch.Thankyou for your support it sometimes feels like I dont get much of that xx


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