Struggling at work with fibromyalgia

Thank u for this. I have fibromyalgia, endometerosis and ulcerative colitis and am really struggling with fibromyalgia at work also working full time which wen I applied I knew it was a full time job but I thought I could cope and also need the money as on no benefits. My manager is now being funny with me as I have a disability and employment support worker supporting me she has set up a meeting with my manager to discuss things but I am on 6 months probations only started 2 months had 3 days off sick already and now am worried that I will be out of a job as am sure my manager is thinking that am more trouble than its worth bet he wishes he didn't hire me now too.

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  • Aww Angel I am sorry that you are suffering really bad your manager should understand that your not well cos of your fibromyalgia it's not easy I no cos I suffer from it as well so I no how you feel,it's a pain when managers like them don't really no what's it's like and it would be their excuse to fire you and that ny dear friend is unfair dismal they should give you some moral support that you really need, seek some advise either on here with team or cab team,sending you warm hugs and smiles :-)

  • Hi Angel8

    I am so sorry to read that you are having these problems and being forced to endure this nightmare. I do not think there is an easy answer unfortunately, since you are still undergoing a probationary period. I genuinely hope that your employment support worker can help you overcome any obstacles and stay in work.

    I was wondering how you felt about discussing reducing your hours with them? And then if you are eligible claiming tax credits or trying to claim PIP? As this may help keep you in your employment?

    I want to wish you all the best of luck for the future and I really hope that the situation can be resolved in your favour.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank u all for your comment and support. I will keep u all posted my support worker has gt a meeting with the hr dept and on the 2nd she has a meeting with my manager fingers crossed she will ask if they could reduce the hours but I have a sled before and he said no he can't so see if my support worker asking will make a difference. She has also said she will help me fill in the PIP forms with me so I just hope something good will come of it cos I sure need some good luck in my life. Thanks again.

  • Good luck with all of this Angel8, and I am so sorry that you are being forced to live with the stress and anxiety that is being forced upon you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Good luck with all of this. I understand how you must be feeling as I'm going through a similar thing at work too although I've been there for almost 13 years! It seems that we have to fight a constant battle with, not only health issues but work/friends/colleagues/family.

    Chin up and stay strong - the people on the forum are amazing and they'll help get you through x

  • Thank u

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