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I cannot believe how hot and muggy it is here today i hope that the sky keeps as blue as it is now and we are not in for a massive thunder storm lol as it seems too good to be true , i have just put an ad on gumtree and e bay as my little garden shed is no longer needeed it is 6 ft by 3 ft 10 so i m advertising it for 10 but the buyer will have to dismantle and take away so hopefully will get rid of that this weekend thing is people just want things for nothing i sold a table and chairs last sat solid wood was over £600 when i bought it for £20 it is sad isnt it but thats how it is .

anyway i am in agony today i think i am in for a bad run as my legs are like jelly and my arms are hurting and with lack of sleep i was up at 3.35 this morning but oh well we all now how i is dont we we all suffer the same i have had fairly good couple weeks but i think mr fibro is gonna be after me big time today and i cant run away as my jelly legs wont let me lol love to you all diddle x

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Its dark but muggy here.hope it dont rain sick of it.

Plus my hair goes all frizzy lol


Well I think I live in another country than you guys, isle of wight

So yes it is another Country.

Rain rain and more rain here on the island , no sun not ever a peep

Of sun and not humid

Makes pains and more pains

And stiff stiff stiff

Still could be worse have to think about how it could be worse,

Love viv


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