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Lonely nights

Well another night sitting on my own, household all asleep just me and my jumping legs. This is the norm for most of us no sleep till the early hours might right to the bbc to put some good films on for us night owls. Dr told me to take my pills about eight o'clock but they wear off around two what's the point, well that's all from me as my arm hurts from typing. TFN

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Hi, I know it is rotten that no matter when we take our meds, they wear of and we can take them for another hour or so after. What meds are you on? I find having a combination of meds helps cos they compliment each other and help me reach the delta level 3 of sleep that we need to repair ourselves - yeah I dont always get it, but it is much better than never getting it. I hope you manage to get some rest and feel better,


Sarah x


I know i amam night owl too lol i went to bed at 11.30 amnd was up at 3.35 am now sitting on here waiting for it to get light so i can take the dog out lol

it is not funny though is it everyone else is sound asleep and even though iwas asleep for a bit i was nt sound asleep i got up 3 x for the bathroom too so i suppose in total i had and hour and half

it is awful and you feel very alone just you the pet if you have one and the night time telly voh well i hope you feel better later in the day love diddle xxxx


Morning i think lonelyness is horrible.i get it alot.

My fella has same thing yet he sleeps okay quite alot.

Me nah.its soo nt nice.x


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